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about us


ISSN 1330-6928
UDK 31.77 070 659.3

Published by:
Naklada medijska istraživanja
Vinogradska 130
10 000 Zagreb

«Medijska istraživanja/Media Research» is the first Croatian journal for journalism and media. Started in 1995 was since then regularly published in Croatian and in English language twice a year. Each article has a title and abstract in English, as well as table of contents and instruction to authors in English. The Journal is indexed in the following bibliographic databases Sociological Abstracts (SA), Linguistic and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA), Social Planning/Policy& Developmnet Abstracts (SOPODA) and EBSCO.

It is oriented towards media experts, media professionals, students and other readers interested in political, economical and cultural changes of the society in media dimension.It is not oriented only to the national audience but to a much wider readership in the region with many emerging democracies. The aim of the Journal is to promote the media an mass communication theory by stimulating various types of interdisciplinary research in this field. The journal has the further aim of becoming a forum for the presentation and exchanges of different national experiences in media, theoretical schools and concepts, and new media fhenomena.
The journal carries theoretical contributions, empirical research, book reviews, symposia proceedings, as well as information on regional and international education programs and schools in journalism and communication. Special attention is paid to the media in Croatia, as well as in other Central and Eastern European countries.
The journal actively encourages and wellcomes the contributions from different scientific fields and particularly from young scholars working empirically or theoretically in television, radio, for the print media or other types of public communication. The Journal is oriented towards researchers and students of public communication, as well as towards other interested members of the general public.
We believe that in these ten years of existence, the «Medijska istraživanja/Media Research» has become a key publication in the region, presenting important research to the mainstream science. We helped researchers from Srbija and Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegodina, Macedonia and Slovenia, Polend, , and other post-communist countries, to publish their research about the development of media in their countries, especially in relation to the development of democracy in these countries. Our Journal was the only place where they could publish their research and make it visible to the scientific community. Before our Journal, such research was published in local publications and books, which were not accessible to the general scientific community.
We worked hard with those authors who lacked skills in dana presentation and English language and style and helped them write articles that could stand up for an international peer review.
Our Journal was thus the main source of information about the specificities of media development in post-communist countries, which was extremenly important for the development of democracy, human rights, and market economy in these countries.
To the best of our knowledge, there is no journal with similar profile and scope. Another Croatian journal from social and behavioral sciences in ISI databases is Društvena istraživanja/Journal for General Social Issues (ISSN 1330-0288, Publisher: Institute for Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb) is oriented towards general social issues. The journal from neighbouring Slovenia, Javnost/The Public (ISSN 1318-3222, Publisher: European Institute for Communication and Culture) is also not covering topics as our Journal because Javnost is not so much oriented as we are towards the regional problems in the media theory, as well as practice and research into the development of communication education and media literacy.