On Thought Processes of Persons Suffering from ASD from the Perspective of Their Representation in Film: The Case of Temple Grandin

Author: Marina Biti, Eva Brlek


Objective causes of Autistic Spectrum Disorder as well as difficulties in communication are being scrutinized from a neurocognitive perspective. The platform for the discussion goes on to being expanded further in a case study observed through the prism of Mick Jackson’s film Temple Grandin. The analysis points to properties of the film medium, and of creative practices in general, that enable deeper insight into cases of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, helping to eliminate prejudicial attitudes that persons suffering from ASD often encounter in the social environment, contributing to better forms of their treatment and enabling enhancements in the area of communicative practices, thus increasing their chances for fuller integration into the social sphere.

Key words: autistic Spectrum Disorder, kinesis, mimesis, otherness, theory of mind
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