The Case study of 24sata: The Place of Educational Topics in Tabloid Journalism

Author: Željana Ivanuš


Celebrities, gossips, scandals, lawsuits, etc. are in the focus of tabloid newspapers. The main question is - can the audience learn anything from those newspapers? A case study of the Croatian daily tabloid 24sata by the scientific method of content analysis explores the educational function of the tabloid newspaper. The research confirmed the hypothesis that educational topics occasionally appear on the front pages of 24sata. On the 98 front pages (28%) out of the 351 published in the year 2017 108 had headlines announcing educational topics. Most of them were about health, cooking, consumer protection and finances. Educational topics often get plenty of space on the front page, since 44 of them were the main story of the day, 26 were second story and 38 of those topics had smaller headlines. Still, even with these topics the paper keeps the tabloid style of editing, since they were announced with strong and tabloid headlines, as well as being graphically highlighted with the use of red and black colors, big photos or infographics.

Key words: 24sata, educational function of newspa, front pages, tabloid
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