Application of Blockchain Technology in Media Ecology

Author: Marin Milković, Jasminka Samardžija, Mira Ognjan


This article provides an insight into the current application of blockchain technologies from a scholarly perspective. The paper aims to investigate the current state of blockchain technology and its application in the media, especially in the field of media ecology, copyright protection and digital media monetization. After thorough research, we have concluded that blockchain technology can contribute to solving numerous media ecology problems such as fake news, copyright infringement, non-transparent copyright monetization and hidden propaganda. This technology imposes responsibility on media content creators for what they publish because it makes it possible to determine at any time the source of the content as well as its history of changes (which cannot be deleted nor modified). Thanks to smart contracts, the author can regulate all aspects of copyright. One of the main benefits of blockchain technology is that authors can make a profit according to the usage of their work, which can also be tracked via blockchain technology. Since this article is based on academic data sources, future research could be based not only on academic data sources but also on the successful application of blockchain technology in the media industry, which has not been reported on in academic literature yet.

Key words: blockchain technology, copyright, fake news, media ecology, micropayments
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